Sunday, January 5, 2014


Happy new year!

This is an early release of the new version of app_fsk , in which is finally implemented the SendFSK function. Now there should be all it's needed to send and receive messages between two asterisk using only telephone lines. As early release, I'm sure it's full of bugs, so please notify me any weird behaviour you may notice, I'll do my best to fix it.

Here an example for a test using the two apps on the same machine.

exten => 100, 1, Noop(Incoming call is just arrived on fsk receive number)
exten => 100, n, Answer()
exten => 100, n, ReceiveFSK(msg)
exten => 100, n, Noop(Message received ${msg})
exten => 100, n, Set(f1=${CUT(msg,#,1)})
exten => 100, n, Set(f2=${CUT(msg,#,2)})
exten => 100, n, Set(f3=${CUT(msg,#,3)})
exten => 100, n, Noop(f1: ${f1})
exten => 100, n, Noop(f2: ${f2})
exten => 100, n, Noop(f3: ${f3})
exten => 100, n, wait(5)
exten => 100, n, Hangup()
exten => 200, 1, Noop(Incoming call is just arrived on fsk send number)
exten => 200, n, Progress()
exten => 200, n, Wait(1)
exten => 200, n, Answer()
exten => 200, n, Wait(5)
exten => 200, n, SendFSK(Field1#Field2#Field3)
exten => 200, n, Wait(5)
exten => 200, n, Hangup()

...and here a call file to be used with the previous dialplan.

Callerid: "FSKer" <0000>
Context: default
Extension: 200

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